Episode 22 – Sweet Jesus

Sweet Jesus is a newly opened (Sept 11, 2015) soft serve and coffee shop located at 106 John St. (John & Adelaide).  For the first few weeks (and any time there is warm weather) you can see a hefty lineup out their door, not unlike the ones you’d see outside Bang Bang or Bakerbots!  I’m a sucker for lineups… they’re kind of exciting.  Turns out, in the lineup that I waited in that went all the way to the end of the wall, it was pretty fast!  About a 30 minute wait.  On the cooler nights, there was a 0-5 minute wait.  The question: is it worth a 30 minute wait?  Let’s find out.

The Decor

It’s a hip looking place with great signage and interior decor.  It’s kind of tucked away beside a juice shop and behind La Carnita.  It’s right beside the patio of the John St. Fox & Fiddle.  It’s pretty small inside but there’s a lot of patio space outside where you’ll find many happy Sweet Jesus customers devouring their ice cream cones.  I have to mention that in the time I was waiting in the 30 minute lineup, service was quite efficient.  They had employees coming out to hand out menus and taking orders in advance so that by the time you got to the counter your cone was ready and waiting for you.

IMG_20150915_163315 IMG_20150915_221829 IMG_20150916_223014 IMG_20150926_172020 IMG_20150926_173833 IMG_20150926_173808IMG_20150930_221659IMG_20150929_221935

The Food

While Sweet Jesus serves espresso, cold brew, tea and affogato, the main attraction is their beautiful soft serve creations.  The presentation on these cones is incredible, and the amount of posts you’ll see of their cones on Instagram is staggering!

Rocky Road Rage ($6) — Burnt marshmallow and chocolate twist soft serve, marshmallows, choco sauce, walnut cashew crumble

I have to admit, I’m a little surprised that they come served on regular cones.  But… it ends up being a minor thing.  Perhaps the cones would be too sweet with a waffle cone?  They also each come with a plastic holder to prevent the toppings from falling all over your hands.  The chocolate and burnt marshmallow soft serve is very nice, and the chocolate sauce is thin, crispy and delicious!  I really liked the combination of nuts and marshmallows too.



Krusty The Cone ($6) — Cotton candy, fresh ground sprinkles, cotton candy sauce, vanilla soft serve

This is the prettiest cone on their menu.  It’s screaming at you to take a picture and post it online.  I don’t think the toppings are as interesting as the other cones though.  The cotton candy sauce was nice but there’s too little of it.



Presidential Sweet ($6) — Sour green apple, caramel sauce, salted pretzels, toffee bits, and vanilla ice cream

This one was great.  My favourite of the three specialty soft serve cones I got.  It was the perfect mix of sweet, salty and sour.  The vanilla soft serve is not overly sweet too, and I think that really helps.



Strawberry Rhubarb ($3.75) — dairy-free!

You can also get cones on their own, or sauced with their chocolate sauce or whatever you’d like to choose.  This was pretty great!  I’m a fan of dairy-free sorbets and other such treats, so this was great.  It was smooth, and not too icy like dairy-free ice cream can get.  The flavour was not too sweet, as the rhubarb cuts the sweetness of the strawberry flavour.



Key Lime Paleta ($4) — a paleta is an ice pop (similar to a popsicle) — note: the available paleta flavours rotate daily

Check out the popsicle stick!  I love the custom lettering on it.  The outer layer was covered in pie crumble.  It was kind of a jarring thing, but you basically got pie crumble with an icy and creamy lime layer underneath.  It works!  The key lime flavour is great.



Honeycomb Paleta ($4)

I thought the presentation wasn’t as nice as they usually have, with it just being 3 Honeycomb pieces on each side.  Unfortunately I also didn’t really like the texture or flavour of this paleta as much either.  It wasn’t sweet enough, being a honeycomb flavour.  I found it kind of icy, and too mild in its’ honey flavour.



Raspberry Paleta ($4) — dairy-free!

No added presentation pieces to it, but the flavour was great.  It was like a frozen raspberry purée.



Apple Cider Paleta ($4) — dairy-free!

Still no presentation!  Maybe it’s because they are dairy-free?  Well, this one was as advertised, tasted like a frozen apple cider ice pop.  Solid.



Churros ($2 a piece) — served in caramel sauce

I’m not too experienced in the world of churros.  But… these were tasty!   Soft centre, crispy outer layer, covered in sugar and dippable in caramel sauce.



So… was it worth the wait?  Absolutely!  I’m a fan of places that can build up enough word of mouth hype because of the quality of their product.  In the end, I mean, it’s still soft serve dressed up really well, so if you’re expecting something mind-blowingly creative and elaborate with layers of flavours, this isn’t the dessert shop for you.  If you’re looking for good quality soft serve with high quality toppings and presentation that is second to none, Sweet Jesus is absolutely the place for you.  Check ’em out!

Next Week: Sea Witch Fish & Chips!

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