Episode 48 – Porchetta Pizza (from A3 Napoli via Pizzeria Libretto and Porchetta & Co.)

This is what the wall in the dining area looks like at A3 Napoli (589 College Street, College & Clinton).  I love it!


Porchetta Pizza ($15) — porchetta, bechamel, parm, provolone, pear and a few sprinklings of pistachio, fried sage, honey, and porchetta crackling

This pizza is a collaborative effort between Nick Auf Der Mauer of Porchetta & Co. and Rocco Agostino of A3 Napoli/Pizzeria Libretto.  I’ve reviewed all three of those places in the past, and I gave them all glowing reviews (and deservedly so!).  When I heard they were opening up next to each other in the same building on King St., I got really excited that a possible collaboration between the two could happen.  I was saddened when a server at Libretto told me it was just a collaboration with regards to location and just using the same people/person to decorate/renovate.  BUT, here we are a few months later and the collaboration has happened!  Perhaps the server was being coy and knew all along this was coming into fruition.  DASTARDLY!

The pizza is a feature item at A3 Napoli, which means it may not be a permanent fixture (but it’s been around for a couple months!).  This is too bad because it’s a wonderfully delicious pizza offering.  The pizza is a nice mix of savoury with a perfect layer of sweetness from the honey and pear.  It’s important to note that the sweetness accentuates the savoury taste of the pizza and does not overwhelm or takeover the main flavours of the porchetta, bechamel and provolone.  The crispy sage, pistachio and crackling put a nice finish on the pizza.  It’s a winner!



The porchetta pizza from A3 Napoli is fantastic and it’s so refreshing to see chefs with established shops work together and have fun with their food.  This pizza is well worth stopping in for (though you should totally try the other delicious fare there as well!) if you’re in Little Italy.  I highly recommend trying it out while it’s available.


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