Episode 49 – Tocino Boys

Tocino Boys (located at 1180 Queen St. W, East of Dufferin) is the brainchild of John DeBlois, and is a true definition of a “hidden gem”.  Normally that term just means your place is under-visited, but in the case of Tocino Boys it’s actually literal.  John’s restaurant is tucked away at the back of a bar called The Midpoint.  When you walk in, if you step past the bar, right behind the DJ to your right, you’ll see John’s kitchen on the left, full of delicious ingredients where he’ll make you a variety of incredible foods to order.  You can get things like tacos, fries, chorizo burger, poutine, Manila fries and a sandwich called Supreme Supreme.

Tocino Taco ($3.50) — available in chicken, tocino (Filipino sweet bacon), chorizo, or vegetarian (avocado hummus, kimchee & sundried tomato) — topped with coleslaw, mustard mayonnaise and chicharrón (pork rinds/crackling) and served on a crispy tortilla wrap

There’s something about John’s tocino that is simply above the rest.  I think it’s the level of sweetness that just perfectly brings the best flavour out of the savoury meat.  I’m pretty picky about having sweet and savoury foods in that I do not appreciate when the sweetness overwhelms the flavour.  This tocino doesn’t have that issue… it is just an incredibly tender, bursting with flavour meat.  I love a good coleslaw too, and the mix of red and green cabbage works wonders to balance the richness of the tocino and is given a level of crunch by the slightly crispy tortilla (it’s still soft enough to hold, much like a soft tortilla shell) and the chicharrón topping.  Overall, the tocino taco is a wonderful package.



Supreme Supreme Double ($7.99 + $1 for egg) — Pan de Leche (Filipino milk bread), mustard mayonnaise, sliced cucumbers, tocino, sweet chorizo, bacon and topped with bits of chicharrón.

The Supreme Supreme comes in single and double sizes (pictured below are doubles).  In my trips to restaurants throughout the city I have felt moments of euphoric joy during and after each bite of certain food items.  This is one of them.  It’s a sandwich that pairs high quality, high flavour ingredients in a marriage that was meant to be.  From the soft bread that serves as a bun, to the sweet and savoury mix of tocino, sweet chorizo and bacon, to the crunch of the cucumber and chicharrón, to the runny egg (I LOVE RUNNY EGGS!) and the sweet and sour kick of the mustard mayo.  It’s a meat-lovers sandwich as it’s loaded with meat but it still manages to be a size that manageable and one in which I’m not feeling bad about myself afterwards.  It’s definitely one of those must-try things if you’re in Toronto.

I also had the version without the egg, and while it was still fantastic, I felt like it was missing something.

with egg 9.5/10

without egg 9/10

Supreme Supreme Double Egg

Supreme Supreme Double

You’ve gotta stop in to John’s shop.  It’s current hours are limited to Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 6pm-midnight and it’s located inside The Midpoint bar but it’s absolutely worth the visit.  John currently has a few more weekend stops as part of the Waterfront Artisan Market, so check him out there if you can.  My roommate Mikhail recommended this place to me and said it was one of Toronto’s best lesser-known food spots, but let’s see if we can change that!  Tocino Boys deserves your business.


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